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Terms and conditions



1. The contract is a contract of supply. By placing a booking with A1 Cars Private Hire Ltd for services, the client is presumed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

2. Requests for service must be made in advance.

Waiting time

3. The first 10 minutes of waiting time are automatically included in our charges; thereafter we charge waiting time of £30 per hour charged in 15 minutes increments. Airport Transfers are subject to our published time allowance up to 1 hour from landing time at a cost of £17.50  including up to one hours parking4. A1 Cars Private Hire Ltd cannot be held responsible for any delays caused due to traffic congestion, weather
conditions, roadworks, and incidents on roads or vehicle mechanical failure.5. Unless instructed otherwise by the customer, the Driver will travel by the route considered most appropriate on the day.6. We are insured for passengers travel. This insurance is for public liability and does not constitute travel insurance.7. A reasonable amount of ordinary passenger luggage is allowed, but luggage, which in the opinion of the driver amounts to an excessive weight will not be carried.

Commencing your journey

9. We observe a non-smoking policy in all our cars.10. We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone deemed to be a nuisance or danger to our employees.11.  You must inform us about any registered weapons you wish to carry with you at the time of bookings.12. Guide dogs are allowed, but you must inform us at the time of booking.13. The following charges may apply (on total cost):

  • Christmas Day - Boxing Day - New Years Day + 50%
  • Between 10.00 pm to 06.00 am +  between £10 and £20 on all airport transfers.
  • Should a passenger be sick or spill any liquid inside the car, there will be a valet charge of £80.00.
  • Travel sick bags are available in all vehicles.
  • All Tolls and car parking is added to all fares quoted where applicable.


Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation less than 24 hours Payment in full is required.Notice of cancellation more than 24 hours: A full refund will be given.Flights cancelled before collection :

We refund 50 % of the fare paid or re book your trip but any extra costs such as hired in vehicles must be paid for as an extra.

Trips that have commenced and have flights cancelled part journey

Charged in full less any car park fees included in the fare and you will be returned home if required .

Return trips from cancelled flight are refunded in full if no longer required provided 12 hours notice given.

Can’t find your driver in the airport

It is the responsibility of the traveling passenger to make all reasonable steps to locate the driver inside the airport before leaving the airport by other meansBy phoning our office.By phoning the drivers mobile number.By asking at airport information.By going to our meeting point inside the terminal which is shown on our airport transfers page.

Credit and Debit Card 

There is no charge for taking a credit or debit card debit card.

It is the responsibility of the traveling passenger to make sure there is available credit or funds in their account on the day of their travelAll return bookings being paid by credit card in-car must be paid on the first leg of your journey as mobile machines work better at airports or large venues.

Our efforts and your rights

A1 Cars Private Hire Limited has made every effort not to breach any copyright or registered trademarks and only provide information on destinations clients travel to or from, A1 Cars Private Hire Limited is not linked to any other company and if any company mentioned in this site wishes to be removed only has to ask and it will be done at once.